11 – What happens to me ?

Gwenn wakes up drenched in sweat, eyes open in the dark. She remains motionless, still very scared. But nothing moves, she’s really in her bed and in her bedroom. Is it just a bad dream ?


Yet she still felt a slight pain in the wrists and ankles where the links impeded. She feels exhausted and falls asleep quickly. When the alarm rings, it feels fit despite his adventures of the night. Doubts remain in her mind but she is too busy at the office to analyze these new inconsistencies. At each break, she relives the scene of his theoretical nightmare. But the worst, it’s when she’s about to go down, she captures the moment of falling asleep. After several unsuccessful attempts, she managed to fall asleep and spent several days and nights without inexplicable incidents. She finally persuaded that it made a bad dream, when she discovered by chance in a newspaper that three members of one family were arrested for assault and theft, and taken to the hospital just after arrest.


A photo is included with the article and she recognizes his aggressors. It therefore did not invent anything. She finds Nano jumping on her laps, she examines him but nothing to doubt that this is not a simple little dog. Only his eyes sometimes glow when a disturbing senses danger. She goes to bed without having found answers to his questions. She feels sleep invade and at the same time a strange sensation which terrorized her…