12 – The nightmare continues

Gwenn feels that the nightmare will happen again. She does not dare open her eyes even though she knows that she isn’t in her bed. She always feels this blinding light on her and which curiously doesn’t heat. She tries to move but this time she isn’t hindered. She opens her eyes and sees that she is always lying on a large strange bed.


This one gets used to all her movements and releases a kind of energy that move and gives her a massage that relax her but mainly avoids her body to numb. She doesn’t wear her pajamas but she has put on a kind of tight-fitting suit that fits closely the shapes of her body. The material is very supple like a second skin that also seems to regulate her body heat. She has ankle boots on her foot very fitted that doesn’t cause any discomfort. Her hands have also gloves with this same thin and supple material. Around her neck, she feels a kind of light necklace that seems to release heat to keep her head to the right temperature. Her eyes get used to light and she tries to distinguish what is around her. She sits down on the bed and wait a few moments but nothing happens; she decides to get out of the bed, but when she wants to take a foot on the ground, she realizes that there is nothing, an empty space.


She tries to catch up to somethig but she falls in a kind of giant spiral that sucks up her.