15 – A restless sleep

Annoyed but also very tired, Gwenn resolved to go to bed. She had trouble falling asleep, the presence of this bracelet which she did not know the origin, worried her. She wondered if other events were going to happen during the night. Suddenly she felt as if she were carried elsewhere traveling through the space.

She had an empty feeling and the feeling of being drawn by an irresistible force. She felt turned over and she came to his senses on this big strange bed. The light was always intense, but she realized she was wearing a lightweight helmet on her head, which also covered his eyes with tinted glasses. She could, in this way, discover what surrounded her. At the foot of the bed there was a kind of rail wide enough to put her feet. Although still very frightened, the curiosity won out and she slowly got off the bed and put her feet carefully on the rail. Her feet were stuck and could not move.

She decided to sit back on the bed, but her movement caused a slight advance on the rail. Gwenn made several tests of back and forward movements, and she began to move. It was very exciting but also very disturbing because she had no idea where she was going to. For the moment, nothing except the bed which she moved away and this light that crushed everything, there was nothing, no movement, no noise. Her movements asked her no effort like if she were in weightlessness but yet she quickly felt at the limit of exhaustion. Determined, she continued to move forward to strange shapes that could look like a weird forest since everything she could make out was blue…