18 – An extraordinary garden

Gwenn is once again in her bed back to sleep by where she swears that next time she will try to communicate with her aliens. She thought having to be patient as on previous occasions, but in fact the next night, she found herself back on the big bed surrounded by light. She sits and waits for the appearance of the usual board.


But this time, it is the bed that moves and she must quickly lengthen as the bed flies and Gwenn fears losing balance. Moments later, she finds herself on the edge of a strange wood she had seen some time ago. But what she sees, it is not trees, but wonderful flowers. They are larger than those we found on Earth and only two colors white and blue with many shades.


The bed stopped a few meters of vegetation. She notices, while leaning, a rail at the edge of the bed. She hesitates to jump on the rail as she remembers the previous incidents. But curiosity prevails. She carefully placed one foot and then two on the rail. Once standing, she still has dizzy and waits a few moments. She performs the same operation as before to move and to attempt to reach the flowers…