2 – A strange noise

Gwenn didn’t hear anything, so she decided to go back in the apartment. But she heard a strident meow ; she walked back and she catched a brief glimpse of the the neighbor’s cat who run to the neighbor’s garden. She watched a part of the garden which were darker and darker with the nightfall. Prudence tell her to stay in the apartment, but as nothing happen, she decided to open the french door. She took one of her golf’s iron and went to the garden to the privet which separate the garden from the road.


She heard another time the moan and some leafs moved really next to her. She jumped back a few metres ready to protect her self. Her heartbeat speed up and she starting to regret the she was going outside. But as she is curious, she decided to wait to see what or who was hiding there.


Soonly a little ball of fluff with soil and obviously soaked came to Gwenn. The animal shived with cold and most probably by fear.  She saw two eyes which seems to request for help. Gwenn hold her hand to this little being and spoke gently to reassure : « Come in, you’ll catch cold, don’t be afraid ». The small animal made is last effort to climb in Gwenn’s hand. She came back inside quickly because she also started to be cold. She took a bowl and with lukewarm water and she washed the small things. When she had finished, a cute black and brown dog was here with some special fawn reflection. Gwenn bring him some milk and she made him a comfortable bed with a small carboard box and an old t-shirt. The small dog slept immediately, exhausted.