24 – It’s nearly the departure

After a good golf course, Gwenn goes back home. She is tired and a bit relaxed, she played well and had fun with her friends. But getting closer to her apartment, she felt the tension rising. What will she discover again? Furthermore, her new diploma forces her to leave her current job, the firm that employs offers her a job in relation to her new status, but in Brittany in the suburbs of Quimper. So, she will have to move quickly.


She comes back home safely and turns on the light; but there is nothing strange, the bunch is gone, even the enchanting fragrance no longer smells the room. She is both relieved and a little disappointed, she would like so much to know more about these extraordinary living beings. She has dinner quickly and, exhausted, goes to bed. The night is uneventful and the following days take place normally. She is always on the alert but also very busy with her future move; She has just learned that her friend who shared the apartment with her will soon come back from her internship abroad. It’s the weekend, she falls asleep quickly, exhausted by all the steps caused by her departure which getting closer. But soon, the special feeling that goes with the travel among aliens is felt. She finds herself in her usual outfit, a visor protecting her from the bright light.


But this time she is not on a bed, but on a little too big, but comfortable seat on which she is held in place. She performs a forward movement to try to escape. But this causes the movement of the seat which starts and gradually takes speed…