25 – Another universe

This is both exhilarating and scary ; Gwenn glimpses several meters under her the forest with the shape of flowers, the one she had discovered a few days earlier. The speed accelerates and Gwenn grabs as she can to the armrests of her seat. Suddenly the light appears to be declining, as if something overshadow.


Gwenn raises her eyes and yells because a huge creature rushes at her. It looks like a big dragonfly, but with a huge beak and disproportionate eyes which look her spitefully. The beast will touch her. Instinctively, she closes her eyes. Nothing happens, and she feels something soft and warm who moves in her hand. She opens her eyes and discovers the gigantic creature in miniature in her hand. The light is always much less intense and she finds around her other creatures also big moving in this light that seems to wear them and on which the light is reflected giving them the glare of white and blue light making difficult to distinguish them accurately. Gwenn is very impressed, her seat is treading and seems waiting for something. Indeed, it suddenly plunges, the descent is vertiginous like a roller coaster, and Gwenn begin to feel bad. But the seat slows and lands on a sort of platform and rushes into a dizzying tunnel to arrive in a huge room where the universe seems to be reconstituted.


We see the earth, the moon and a quantity of unknown planets for Gwenn, and which seem to be represented in real time. Gwenn is exhausted and tries to resist to discover more things about these aliens, but she ends up sweaty in her bed in the arms of her friend. This one returned earlier than expected, heard her scream and rushed into her room.