3 – Wanted notice

Gwenn looked after the small dog with love, but she was perplexed. Where does he come from ? Maybe someone was looking for him. She made a small poster that she hang up in the main entrance of her building. After that, she send a mail to an old friend who study in order to be a veterinian and who make an intership not far form Gwenn’s home.


Then, she went back to her study. Two hours later, after looking after the small dog still asleep, she went back to her bed. She already knew that a busy week is waiting for her, but she thought about a next big weekend when she’ll go to the mountains to go skiing. She’s still in contact with some of her friends she studied with. One of them have a small apartement for this weekend ; they’ll be four who will take avantage of this snow. Gwenn, contrary to all expectations, slept very well even with all this stress. She fellt a bit weird to don’t know why. Only just up, she went to see the little dog who welcome her with joy’s barks. They took the breakfast together, then she took him back to his homemade bed and she quickly went back to her work.


Barely standing, she joined the little dog who greeted with yelps of joy. They had lunch together and then she laid him on his makeshift bed and hurried to his work.