41 – Into obvious danger

Gwenn works in her office and avoids any comment on the events of the day before. She feels that her colleagues would like to know if special things happened on her return from her appointment, but she settles for pointing out that the client is satisfied with the work accomplished and that should enable them to increase the number potential clients through recommendations from this satisfied client.


The little improvised meeting ends quickly and cuts short to any comment. Gwenn has many dilemmas that she tries to solve. She especially does not want to try to explain to her rodeo on the road, as she has herself no idea of ​​how her little car works. In addition, she still hopes she cannot be identified. The following days, no special facts to report. Gwenn has not been contacted by the police and the car accident seems to be classified. The drivers were very alcoholic, they could have lost control of their vehicle. Moreover, they seem to have forgotten the reasons of the high-speed car chase. Gwenn feels better, she can again attend to business without a sword of Damocles over the head. However, tonight, when she is about to fall asleep, she feels uncomfortable. Suddenly, she finds herself in the atmosphere. She cannot move, invisible links block her on an unsuitable and immaterial seat. Gwenn does not wear her usual outfit, this one is uncomfortable and hurts her neck, wrists and ankles.


She tries to get rid of what hugs her, but at each attempt, the pressure of the links intensifies. Moreover, Gwenn feels drift into an icy and soundless world. She tries to scream, but her voice does not return any sound. Gwenn is terrified, especially as what blocks her is becoming more intense, she feels the pressure on her members more and more important, as if they will be crushed. Gwenn has more and more trouble breathing, her chest is increasingly blocked. In a last effort, she launches into her head a cry for help…