45 – Duplication

Gwenn wants to reconnect, but only her usual programs are displayed. Gwenn frantically searches, but she finds nothing unusual. She’s about to give up when an unknown icon appears with the photo of Nano.


By clicking on the icon, she sees the inside of her apartment and Nano is comfortably installed on his basket. The objective gets closer to him and without understanding, Gwenn instinctively reaches out her hand and utters a cry of surprise because she felt the fur and the heat of Nano. By the way, he shows his appreciation by putting himself on the back for being petted the stomach. Gwenn gets closer to Nano, but stops because the situation seems impossible to her. She thinks of her colleagues in adjacent offices and immediately the inside of the offices appears on the computer screen. Gwenn discovers them working, for some without enthusiasm, and overhears a conversation that is not very friendly towards her. She is very disappointed because she thought she was appreciated by this colleague in particular, and would give him more responsibility. Her aliens friends or even extraworld wanted to warn her. Someone knocks at the door, Gwenn sees on her screen her young colleague, folder in the hand, ready to press the door handle.


Gwenn is disconcerted and does not move, and the second stroke at her door makes her reacted. “Come in!”, says Gwenn without looking him, “thank you for the folder.” Seeing nothing moving, Gwenn looks up and crosses the stunned expression of her colleague who is looking at her and mumbles, “How did you know it was me and that I brought you a folder? “. A phone call avoids Gwenn to answer and to justify her ubiquity gifts. When she takes again her computer the images have disappeared from the screen, but…