47 – The noose is tightening

More Gwenn sinks into the black hole, more the light becomes scarce. She notices yet that space reduces. She feels that she is sucked by a spiral that shrinks more and more. Gwenn wonders if she is not going to be crushed between the walls that keep getting closer.


She tries to scream without any result. Gwenn launches a mute appeal desperate hoping the extraworlds are always connected and could intercept the distress call. Gwenn pushes a cry of terror because she is close to be crushed in the confined space which tightens on her. She already feels the walls which pressure her suit that is about to explode. But suddenly the grip comes loose and she falls into the emptiness. Gwenn catches sight of a little light. She wears again her comfortable hazmat suit that warms her. Looking around her, she realizes that she floats in a kind of giant bubble, the light is slowly going back, but she notices far away like huge lightning across the horizon. It appears that a battle is raging.


Then suddenly the usual blinding light comes back and everything seems back to normal. Gwenn is still shaking, but she feels the fatigue overwhelm her. She finds herself in her bed and her alarm clock shows 11am, luckily today is Saturday. There is a storm outside and lightning, would they be the cause of her nightmares? Gwenn tries to collect her thoughts, she is still in shock of the night’s events. Gwenn suddenly sits up straight in her bed…