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8 – What’s happening next ?

The two teenagers join their friend on the snow slopes, they try to pick up him but he has no reaction. A ski instructor, who comes with his students alert the emergency ; some curious people start to flood the ski slopes and Gwenn takes advantage of the opportunity to escape.


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7 – In the mountain

She throws a glance all around her, nobody has seen the incident. What happen is so weird that Gwenn prefers not talk about it, her cartesian’s friends couldn’t believe it. Something seems to protect her, and for the moment she wants to enjoy her vacations.

Whew ! The journey is over and no other weird things have happened. Friends come and get her at the train station and tell her that Claude couldn’t come because he is flu sufferer. After several miles Gwenn discovers a small chalet in the middle of ski slopes, that Oliver could borrow from his uncle, who doesn’t use it for this period.


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6 – Surprising meeting

Her neighbour smiled, but Gwenn feels like an imminent danger is coming. She tries to get up, but the stranger forced her to sit down brutally. « Shut up, I won’t heart you », he says menacing.


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5 – The departure for the mountain

Early in the morning, Gwenn leaves her flat with a luggage, her ski boots and Nano protected by his small coat in a small bag hanging from her shoulder. A cab takes her to the train station where she will meet Claude, a childhood friend, with whom she will make the trip to their vacation place.


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4 – Nano


Phew, the week is over. Gwenn obtain to leave her office sooner. She also fixed all her problems with the small dog.

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