Posts made in June, 2015

12 – The nightmare continues

Gwenn feels that the nightmare will happen again. She does not dare open her eyes even though she knows that she isn’t in her bed. She always feels this blinding light on her and which curiously doesn’t heat. She tries to move but this time she isn’t hindered. She opens her eyes and sees that she is always lying on a large strange bed.


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11 – What happens to me ?

Gwenn wakes up drenched in sweat, eyes open in the dark. She remains motionless, still very scared. But nothing moves, she’s really in her bed and in her bedroom. Is it just a bad dream ?


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10 – Dream or reality ?

Gwenn wakes up and goes around the apartment. Apart from a window forced which helped the two men to come inside, nothing had apparently disappeared.


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9 – Unexpected visitors

Two men, who look like to the one who tried to mug her in the train, are waiting for her in the flat. One has a weapon in his hand and the other barely hides a knife.


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