Posts made in July, 2015

16 – What became of them ?

Gwenn wants to keep moving, but everything becomes blurred and, again, she feels drawn into a downward spiral.

She finds herself in her bed sweating. As on previous occasions, she is very tired and falls asleep immediately so that when the alarm rings she still wonders if she dreamed or if the events have occured. She considered asking her friend Yannick to examine her bracelet to determine its origin. But, rising, she finds that it is no longer on her wrist. So no possible proofs to prove her dreams.


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15 – A restless sleep

Annoyed but also very tired, Gwenn resolved to go to bed. She had trouble falling asleep, the presence of this bracelet which she did not know the origin, worried her. She wondered if other events were going to happen during the night. Suddenly she felt as if she were carried elsewhere traveling through the space.

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14 – Bracelet

Gwenn attempts to avoid the question but Beth, very jewelry’s lover and especially novelties, insists. The two boys noticed the jewel in turn and Yannick, who has studied engineering, seems to be intrigued by the little bracelet. It is very pretty but not like any material it knows. It is both soft and malleable but can become unbending and its color changes with the light, it may be colorless and one minute later launch sorts of sparks.


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13 – Anxiety grows


Gwenn wakes up screaming and drenched in sweat; she stays a moment motionless, and must admit she is well in her bed and nothing threats her. She falls asleep, exhausted.

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