Posts made in October, 2015

29 – Into the depths

Gwenn instinctively closes her eyes, but no contact with water; she discovers that she is in a huge transparent tunnel that sinks into the waves. She perceives the sound of water movements against the walls that surround her.


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28 – New challenge

Gwenn conducts masterfully the meeting, she orders objectives, redefines the main mission of the company and offers individual appointments to determine more precisely the goals to be achieved for each co-worker. She takes short everyone by her determination and an already elaborate plan, so that no one opposes her any resistance.


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27 – New responsibilities


Nano, surrounded by a luminous cloud into the living room, watching. Gwenn wants to approach, but the form disappears and Nano jumps into her arms. Gwenn is very happy, she dreaded to find an apartment in a deplorable state and have to live there while waiting to can renovate it. She performs dance steps with Nano in her arms who is licking her hands. But she must quickly regain her senses because the small moving truck will be soon there and she will have to coordinate everything.

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26 – A big change

Gwenn is very annoyed, she can’t reveal what happens to her friend, she pretends having a nightmare that she keeps for herself. Gwenn goes back to sleep and avoids the subject with her friend who tells her all she discovered during her internship, and that she is a bit sad to see her go just when they could spend some time together. She appreciates very much Nano who knows to show how to be cute. But Gwen does not have the time to linger, the move is planned for the following week. She’s worried, she will take back, waiting for better, accommodation of her predecessor, which she has seen only in photos.


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