Posts made in April, 2016

S2-e8 – Lively trip

The voice of the manager wakes her up. “Did you want to see me? You’ve found a solution to my problem? You shouldn’t go out alone into the parking lot, this area is sometimes rough. You met the wrong kind of person, you seem to have seen a ghost!”


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S2-e7 – Professional trip

Gwenn takes her car, but she finds back the one which helped her previously. The car takes the control and drives her quickly without mishap.


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S2-e6 – What happens to me?

Gwenn has only the reflex to send in her head a call for help before passes out. She opens her eyes and finds her back at her office, a sandwich three quarts eaten in the hand.


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S2-e5 – New illusion


Gwenn has difficulties to focus at her work. The disappearance of Nano worries her. She takes advantage of her lunch break to exceptionally come back home. Unfortunately, no trace of Nano.

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