Posts made in May, 2016

S2-e13 – The extra worlds confront one another

The sky suddenly gets dark. We hear far away the storm rumbling and getting closer quickly and lightning cross the sky.


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S2-e12 – Yannick disappeared


Gwenn is in her bed, her alarm clock just rings. Is it a bad dream? She gets ready quickly and notices that Nano sulks and avoids her caresses. What is going on now?

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S2-e11 – Strange discovery

She feels this strange sensation of drifting in an other universe. For several months she had escaped from this attraction but tonight everything starts again.


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S2-e10 – Troubling summons

A man voice in a hurry and hardly understandable introduce himself: “police officer Mes… from the center police precinct, could you report to the police station with your car the most quickly as possible?”


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S2-e9 – Rough trip back

The small car has taken the way back. Gwenn tries to relax, but suddenly the car speeds up and snakes in and out the vehicles.


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