Posts made in August, 2016

S2-e18 – Will Gwenn save Yannick?

Gwenn comes in the bedroom.


Yannick hasn’t move, if he wasn’t help by all this machine we would think that he sleeps. Gwenn barely hears the alarming comments from the doctor and since his leaving, she sits next to her friend.

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S2-e17 – Back to the reality

Gwenn feels a kind of new energy engulf her. She is light and supple supple, which allows to evade her the punches.


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S2-e16 – Unfair fight

Gwenn is terrorized, it’s the first time that she feels so isolated and so alone. What will she become? Suddendly the cave is lit, Gwenn has the feeling to be observed, but she doesn’t see anybody, only a vast space like an arena and invisible bleachers. Yet, she has the feeling that a show will start.


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S2-e15 – Gwenn under duress

« I want you to follow me willingly ».


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