Posts made in November, 2016

S2-e28 – Gwenn tests her future powers

Gwenn lets them enter, but doesn’t understand anything of their demands, they all speak at the same time.


But, she achieves to understand that Sophie announced her intention to make profitable the firm and for that, she needs to save on the staff costs.

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S2-e27 – Her double takes her place

Gwenn comes back home very worried. The extra world have already boost her brain and improve the development of her senses.


For the moment nothing stands out. After a doubt, she decides to test her new abilities.

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S2-e26 – Who is this contributor?

Not the time to see her message, her manager comes. But, he’s not alone, a very sophisticated woman accompanies him.


Gwenn feels a bit anxious as if a danger arrives. Her manager seems enthrall by his accompanist.

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S2-e25 – Bad day ahead

Gwenn wakes up with a start, the alarm of her clock-radio shows that it’s time to get up. She stays for a moment sitting on her bed to look back on the events of the night.


And question stays without answer: Does she need to accept the extra-world proposition and see her abilities develop,

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