Posts made in January, 2017

S2-e31 – Retrospective for Yannick

The same huge person appears. The communication happens like usual into Gwenn’s head.

But she notices that Yannick receives images which summarize and his misfortunes: first meeting with Nano, his visits to the extra worlds, his rescues at the very last moment, and the attacks from other extra worlds.

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S2-e30 – Yannick at the extra world’s

Gwenn doesn’t have the time to regain her composure. The strange feeling which arrives before her arrival at the extra world’s hits her. She finds herself in her comfortable hazmat suit and on the seat too big for her.

She is like hung in the emptiness with a wonderful scenery, plants with strange shapes and colors which maneuver around her.

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S2-e29 – Frightening double (2)

Yannick is into an attack position and Gwenn manages to just avoid him.

Gwenn hopeless makes a distress call in her head.

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S2-e29 – Frightening double (1)

Gwenn’s day happens without any other incident.

She gets back home exhausted and skeptical. But someone is waiting for her behind her flat.

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