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S2-e35 – First effects of the transfers

But, the phone rings. It’s a headquarters’ former colleague, who thinks that Gwenn has stolen his promotion. He gives her a call, without any explanation, from a person who speaks in English.

Gwenn panics, she has only an academic English.

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S2-e34 – Serious problem at the office

Indeed, a problem of network with the headquarters prevents them to connect and no client account is accessible. Not only no one can work, but it’s impossible to provide any information to the clients.

An important client has a tax audit and it’s vital to answer to the inspectors providing the proofs.

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S2-e33 – Effective repairing

Gwenn is waked up with a start by her cell phone. She glances at her alarm clock; by putting the light on she notices that she is late to go to her office. It’s Yannick who tried to call her.

He left a message: “I have to be away, I need to see when I come back tomorrow.”

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S2-e32 – Start of the transformation?

Gwenn finds herself in a huge room with strange engines.

Everything is automatic; different kinds of flexible tubes move themselves and connect and disconnect huge engines. But, always in a deeply silence.

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