S2-e10 – Troubling summons

A man voice in a hurry and hardly understandable introduce himself: “police officer Mes… from the center police precinct, could you report to the police station with your car the most quickly as possible?”


Gwenn turns pale and holds Nano in her arms. Did they identify her? And what could she give as explanation? Finding back her minds, she answers: “Why this summons?” “It’s as part of the accident that just occurs on the highway, the firm which asked for you gave us your contact details.” Gwenn feels to be trapped, how will she explain the chase and the transformations of her car? But, a voice in her head suggests her a convincing explanation. She goes at the police precinct with her car which turned back into a common urban car. She simply explains that she is aware of nothing. Indeed, she explains that she didn’t take the highway for her return but the smallest road less frequented which follows it. She is even able to give some accurate and specific details while she never goes on this road. Gwenn can leave the police station without any awkward explanation to give and come back home with some peace.


On the parking lot, she believes to glimpse the shadow of her friend Yannick, but she prefers going back fast to her flat without searching a new face-to-face with this strange thing. She goes quickly to bed but soon…