S2-e11 – Strange discovery

She feels this strange sensation of drifting in an other universe. For several months she had escaped from this attraction but tonight everything starts again.


She finds herself on an easy chair too big, but comfy and her odd hazmat suit, like hanging in the middle of nowhere with always the same blinding light which prevents her to distinguish well what surrounds herself. She has the sensation to float in the atmosphere. Suddenly, a white shape appears and make her jump. “Cybeleen” writes in bright blue letters float around her easy chair. This time, they speak to her directly, but she can’t define if it’s a living being or an animated object. “We unintentional put you in jeopardy. All the occupants of our planet don’t agree that we communicate with the grounders. They seek to cut the link. We protect you, but you must be alert. They try to attract you by using the link with your friend Yannick. He could also be in danger, but only a particular link can allow us to protect him. The odd person makes a gesture and Gwenn discovers further away, her friend Yannick lying on a big bed. He seems to be asleep. Gwenn screams and want to get closer to him, but something invisible prevents her to move.


Her interlocutor has disappeared, and she feels suck up in a spiral…