S2-e12 – Yannick disappeared


Gwenn is in her bed, her alarm clock just rings. Is it a bad dream? She gets ready quickly and notices that Nano sulks and avoids her caresses. What is going on now?

No sooner arrived than Gwenn calls her friend pretending a technic advice. He answers, but in a strange way, he lacks of dynamism which doesn’t look like him. Gwenn insists to see him, but he stops brutally the communication. Gwenn is really worried and has difficulties to focus on her work. She can’t get away because a training day is organized for all the workers from both agencies. She is in charged to coordinate everything and even speaks about a specific point of the training. The day finally ends, she is exhausted and still worried; no news of Yannick and his phone is on the answering machine. She tries to reassure herself, her friend is maybe very busy and stops the notification on his phone. She takes a car and asks herself if she needs to come visit him to check that everything is okay. But, suddenly the small car drives by itself. It goes out from the parking lot and weaves in and out the traffic then goes to the highway where it drives fast on the left lane. Gwenn is more and more worried. She ignores what is going on, and where her car drives her. But, it slows down, a traffic jam has been established and the police regulates the traffic.


Gwenn is hopping up and down with impatience; by moving forward, she sees a damage car in bad condition and healers who areS busy around the wounded people. It’s not Yannick’s car, yet she feels her heart squeezing…