S2-e15 – Gwenn under duress

« I want you to follow me willingly ».


Gwenn shivers « But, where you want to take me? ». « Your earthling’s brain couldn’t understand. But, if you accept, your friend will be saved. » The small goblin turns towards Yannick, who writhes and moans contorted. Gwenn has no choice, the small being holds his friend on control and her extra worlds friends can’t hear her. She nods her head to mean her decision. The black shadow surrenders her, and she loses consciousness. Gwenn finds herself in a kind of huge cave dark and icy. She wears a hazmat suit, but which seems badly fitted. She feels cold and her eyes burn and make her crying.


Nothing comparable to her previous stays at extra worlds home. Gwenn shivers and has difficulties to keep her eyes opened. She tries to call, but as usual no sound comes out her throat. She is seated on a rock, she tries to move, but she is like struck to the wall. Gwenn feels worse and worse, nobody seems to be concerned about her fate, where is gone the small odd goblin? She panics and tries to make a desperate call in her head in order to be help. She hears a kind of huge and frightening laugh which seems to come from the depths of the cave…