S2-e21 – Strange threat

The alarm-radio takes out Gwenn from her sleepiness, she slowly emerges, and Nano jumps in her arms.


She feels fit like each time she makes a trip to the extra-world home. Suddenly she stands still on the bed. Where is Yannick? When she came back to earth, they were sitting together on the couch. Gwenn rushes in the leaving room and in the other rooms, but the flat is empty. She can’t stay otherwise she will be late at work. As soon as she has a free time, she tries to call her friend. After several attempts, the welcoming and dynamic voice of Yannick answers “Hi, how are you? I’m in great shape, but I can’t remember the last two days.” The communication stops abruptly. A colleague comes in Gwenn’s office and stops frozen. A thunderclap has just tear the cloudless blue sky. The ground trembles a few seconds, then the calm comes back. All the staff terrorized rushes into Gwenn’s office. This one looks down toward her computer screen and sees the small goblin coming out with a message “early warning”.


Everyone is in the street, the police patrols, but nothing serious to report, except an atmospheric phenomenon quite strange. Everyone returns to his post reassured except Gwenn who asks herself what this mysterious message means and what happens to Yannick…