S2-e25 – Bad day ahead

Gwenn wakes up with a start, the alarm of her clock-radio shows that it’s time to get up. She stays for a moment sitting on her bed to look back on the events of the night.


And question stays without answer: Does she need to accept the extra-world proposition and see her abilities develop, until which point and with what consequences? Gwenn is so absorbed by her thought that she didn’t realize how late it is. If she doesn’t hurry, she will be late. Her supervisor comes this morning to review with her, she needs to be on time. But, nothing goes on, she breaks her bowl, gets a stain on her clothes and need to change and clean everything. Now, she’s really late. Moreover, the traffic comes to a standstill and her car doesn’t move. The small goblin appears at the back of her car, Gwenn panics and regrets to not accepting the extra-world proposition.


She feels odd, she catches the inexpressive and cold eye of the goblin in the rearview mirror. This one writhes at the back like grapple with an invisible adversary, then disappears. The traffic is finally free, Gwenn snakes in and out, parks and goes in her office in a record time, just before the arrival of her supervisor. The phone vibrates, it’s a message from Yannick…