S2-e26 – Who is this contributor?

Not the time to see her message, her manager comes. But, he’s not alone, a very sophisticated woman accompanies him.


Gwenn feels a bit anxious as if a danger arrives. Her manager seems enthrall by his accompanist. This one is presented as a contributor in charge of the standardization of the different offices of the group and of course make them profitable. She’ll stay several days to observe and control the running of the files. She could even guide some co-worker if she judges it necessary. Her manager takes his leave quickly, he tries obviously to avoid all one-to-one discussion with Gwenn and leaves her with Sophie the contributor. Even if the two women call each other by their first name, they don’t get along well. Sophie gives herself a part of Gwenn’s desk and has decided to summon all the staff members. Gwenn has preferred to leave her office and to go to an appointment. But, at her return Sophie is still here. Gwenn goes back in her office and catches the satisfied eyes of her colleague. Without any explanation, Sophie wishes a good evening and leaves the office. “What does she have in the back of her mind?” worries Gwenn, “Why does she seem pleased with herself?”


She sees her taking the elevator and perceives a thought of her colleague about her. “You don’t suspect what is waiting for you!” Gwenn shudders: about what she needs to be more afraid, of the threat which hangs over the office or on the fact that she seems to be able to read in Sophie’s mind?