S2-e27 – Her double takes her place

Gwenn comes back home very worried. The extra world have already boost her brain and improve the development of her senses.


For the moment nothing stands out. After a doubt, she decides to test her new abilities. The message of Yannick wasn’t clear, and Gwenn tries to find it back. She might well concentrate nothing happens. As well, she can’t make contact with Sophie. Very disappointed, Gwenn goes to bed. She hopes having news of the extra world, but the night is calm.

And the day after, Gwenn arrives at her office early as usual, but this time she’s not the first one, Sophie is already in her office. Gwenn stops dead. Sophie is not alone she talks to her double. Gwenn bis is dressed exactly like her, and she seems to get on famously with Sophie. Gwenn even hears them laughing.


Gwenn bis seems to detect her presence, she leaves quickly the office because Gwenn’s phone rings. Sophie turns around, but Gwenn bis melts into the real Gwenn and Sophie doesn’t notice anything abnormal. She has her suitcase and she does a friendly goodbye gesture. Gwenn tries to keep her mind back to answer to a client. Gwenn takes back her office, but doesn’t understand anything to Sophie’s behavior. But, no time to ask herself questions, her colleagues apparently very angry knock to her office’s door…