s2-e3 – Reality or illusion ?

It was already dark when she leaves her office, a man walks in front of her. Pleased, Gwenn thinks to recognize her friend Yannick and walks faster to catch him.


But, more she gets closer to the person who’s walking in front of her more she finds him strange. He seems to float and at the same time he seems to not have thickness. Gwenn stops. Everything seems unreal.  The curiosity pushes her to get closer, but at the same time the fear paralyzes her. Her Cartesian’s mind can’t accept the situation. The strange person stops suddenly and turns around. He stares at her with a singular and insightful eye which paralyzes her. It’s like if he tries to penetrate the inside of her body. Without being able to defend herself, she knows that, if nothing comes to save her, this unidentified thing will destroy her inexorably. No cry comes from her throat, but she reaches to send in her head a distress call. She doesn’t feel pain, she only has the impression to burn slowly. She feels that she loses ground and is close to swoon, when a growl is heard and a huge white shape comes out which grinds her assailant and release Gwenn from his control.


Gwenn disappears into the white shape and feels that all her body regenerates itself. Suddendly Gwenn…