S2-e32 – Start of the transformation?

Gwenn finds herself in a huge room with strange engines.

Everything is automatic; different kinds of flexible tubes move themselves and connect and disconnect huge engines. But, always in a deeply silence.

Her seat takes her into a much littler airlock. Arms lift her up and drop her off on a chair which adapt instantly to her morphology, but block her legs and her arms. A helmet comes embed itself on her head. Gwenn tries to resist, but some images pass before her eyes.

She sees a complete summary of the important events which marked her life. She meets again her parents, died for a long time, who live at her time, she has the impression to go back in time.

Then images dim themselves and mathematical formulas appear, chemical formulas. The most surprising is that she is sure to have never learned them however their content seems obvious.

But Gwenn feels getting tired, and she returns into the infernal spiral…