S2-e33 – Effective repairing

Gwenn is waked up with a start by her cell phone. She glances at her alarm clock; by putting the light on she notices that she is late to go to her office. It’s Yannick who tried to call her.

He left a message: “I have to be away, I need to see when I come back tomorrow.”

Gwenn gets ready quickly and takes her car. On the parking when she arrives, she bumps into a responsible of a firm who has his offices in the same building. He can’t achieve to start his splendid brand-new Mercedes. It seems that an electronic malfunction which prevents the engine to start. Gwenn comes closer and offers help. He looks to Gwenn with a lot of skepticism and a little mocking, but he accepts her assistance because the garage with which he is on phone since half an hour is unable to mend his car.

Gwenn gets behind the wheel, type on the command panel and at the third attempt she starts the car before the astound gaze of its owner.

Without any other comment, Gwenn hurries to the lift. She wouldn’t be able to give an explanation,

THE solution

seemed obvious. Clearly her learning of this night was efficient.

But, arriving at the office, the staff seems waiting for her…