S2-e34 – Serious problem at the office

Indeed, a problem of network with the headquarters prevents them to connect and no client account is accessible. Not only no one can work, but it’s impossible to provide any information to the clients.

An important client has a tax audit and it’s vital to answer to the inspectors providing the proofs.

It’s definitely the panic, the headquarters’ computer engineer tried everything, he seems out of resources. Gwenn is about to sit at a workstation to solve the problem, but she reconsiders, her computer abilities are supposed to be very succinct. She takes advantage of the panic to slip into her office. She takes her laptop, she tries to connect to the headquarters that she achieves after several attempts.

Then, once she is connected, she examines the data until she finds the programming error. Then, she erases all the trace of her intrusion. Thus, she can transfer quickly the indispensable data for the audit of her client.

Her colleagues come to announce that the connection is miraculously re-established. Gwenn doesn’t answer, but smiles and gets back to work. Yet, something intrigues her. Why this unexplained failure at a so important moment for her office?

Moreover, she has the feeling of a presence, she focuses and soon she distinguishes a stealth movement in her office…