S2-e35 – First effects of the transfers

But, the phone rings. It’s a headquarters’ former colleague, who thinks that Gwenn has stolen his promotion. He gives her a call, without any explanation, from a person who speaks in English.

Gwenn panics, she has only an academic English.

But, quickly, she is able to follow the meaning of the conversation and even understands word games in this language she knows a little. She smiles imagining the face of her ex-colleague who thought trap her. The caller is a new American associate of the cabinet who wants to visit their antennas and takes advantage to visit France. Gwenn loves Brittany and gives him an eloquent passionate description so well that he decides to come seeing her antenna.

Gwenn must organize his arrival and makes some suggestions on potential visits and suggests a golf of the region. Golfer at heart, he immediately accepts and even asks to play golf at the end of the afternoon. Gwenn is very focused on the voice on the phone and the demands of her caller. She holds a cry because he suddenly appears in front of her like a hologram which moves like an animated image.

As soon as she hangs up the vision disappears. Her visit to the extra worlds has made miracles, she speaks fluently in a language she knows a little and she can see a caller. Gwenn takes her head in her hands and thinks with anxiety that she is doubtless not at the end of her surprises.