S2-e36 – Another super power?

Gwenn goes back in her flat without mishap. She feels tired, but does a quick walk of the neighborhood as usual with Nano.

She wants to run, she takes Nano in her arms and goes for a jog. A jogger, who already followed her, decides to approach her, and proposes to go with her. Gwenn smiles, he’s more experimented than her, and knows that she couldn’t follow him, it’s most likely a maneuver to show off. As he insists, Gwenn to get rid of it accepts and start to speed up. But she must quickly slow down. Her start lets her opponent far behind her, and we see that he has to produce a violent effort to catch her. He’s not pleased. “You should let me know that you are a pro!”

Gwenn smiles while she gets back, thus she can also run very fast! She suddenly has the sensation of a presence. She focuses and believes distinguish a shape that moves. She speeds up, but the sensation fades when she enters in her flat.

A light and quick dinner and she goes to bed.

On her phone she has among others a message from Yannick. This one must stay a bit longer away, he will not be back tomorrow. Gwenn falls asleep exhausted, but not for long. The regular sensation hits her, she goes back to the extra worlds. What will she find now?