S2-e37 – Universe of the extra worlds?

Gwenn finds her back on her comfortable seat, but a bit too big in the middle of those strange planets. She has the feelings that they vibrate and at the same time their color change. Suddenly the seat initiates a vertiginous descent toward one of those planets.

Gwenn stays a few seconds vertically, she distinguishes a kind of huge blue desert with giant dunes. 12She has the impression to see some kinds of crawling insects moving, but the seat recover speed and she is propelled into a wide open hole of the desert which seems to close on her.

She finds herself into a very lighted room which seems to rise out of the floor; everything seems automated. In a stunning silent, the machines accomplish their job mechanically without bumps. She is taking to a smaller place with a lot of small machines with screen displaying some weird data.

What could look like text, is writing she has never seen, a kind of very sophisticated hieroglyphs. The other screens seem to control something in perpetual motion. But, no time to linger over, two articulated arms transfer her on another seat which adapts to her morphology and a helmet comes to replace hers…