S2-e39 – Strange memories

Gwenn gently wakes up, it’s the weekend she will be able to relax.

She keeps from her last trip at the extra worlds’ some unclear memories. A drift behind planets with a sensation of complete liberty, but with also the fear of falling and disappearing alone in an unknown world. And also images a bit blurry of human body, hers probably. She distinguishes limbs with all the details even the inside working of the bones or of the cartilage. There is also her trunk where she could perceive her organs working, her stomach digesting, her heart regularly beating, then suddenly racing and takes back a regular rhythm. Finally, she has discovered, amazed, a brain firing.

She can’t remember precisely all the details, but the interaction between cells, the impressive number of actions which come one after another and coordinates themselves in an extremely short time is mind-blowing.

It’s already past ten o’clock, a message on her phone lets her know that her friends have made a reservation for a green fee at 1:00 PM. Gwenn decides to take a copious breakfast and finds them back because they choose a golf course new for her and, most importantly, which is an hour’s drive away…