S2-e40 – At the golf course

Gwenn is ahead of time and decides to go to the practice to train a bit.

Her work and all her misfortunes forces her to reduce playing her favorite sport.

She feels a bit odd and found it hard to make her mark. When she decides to hit, the ball goes up in a straight line at a vertiginous height such as Gwenn couldn’t see it. Then, the ball goes down suddenly pitching the ground. Gwenn is stunned, never her ball has taken such speed. Gwenn looks around her, there are few people at that time and no one saw anything, except a student, obviously perplexed, shaking his head thinking he was dreaming. For the next shot, Gwenn applies herself and slows down her movement, but yet, the ball goes more than 220 yards. She hesitates to go to the golf course because she would never progress so much in so little time.

But, it’s too late, her friends arrive and they go together at the start. Her daughter because of her studies, couldn’t come with them. A fourth partner has to join them. This one arrives late just after the first ball of her friend. He shakes his hand and introduces himself “My name is Alex, I’m 11 of index”, but just raises his hand to Gwenn and her friend. He shoots a good ball and moves forward without taking care of Gwenn neither her friend who didn’t play yet.

Her friend misses her shooting afraid to touch him, Gwenn is furious, she adjusts her shooting, convinced that is too far to be able to touch him, but the ball whistle to the ears of Alex who jumps sideways, overtakes him from several yards and rolls to the green…