S2-e42 – Deluge on the golf course

The shelter is shaken in all directions and the roof risks every second to fly away or to fall down on Gwenn and her partners.

The fear can be read on the faces and Alex is particularly nervous. Gwenn isn’t very reassured, she wonders how it will end. If the roof falls down they won’t be protected anymore. She focuses on the roof and has the impression that her mind achieves to hold it in place. But, the wind increases like if something were trying to make her go. Nobody sees her fight to keep a protection above their heads, they are all leaning forward protecting their heads. Gwenn has the feelings of a stealth presence. A last shake much violent than the others and the calm comes back.

Gwenn and her friends leave their shelter quickly just before the roof falls down in part on Alex who had difficulties to go outside. Everybody hurries, but more shaken that injured, he is only lightly scratched but he received all the water on the roof and he is soaked. They look around them; the spectacle is apocalyptic.