S2-e43 – Mortal danger

Within several hundred yards radius everything is tear off, the trees uprooted, the flowers are like grinded, the golf course is covered by all kinds of debris. The shelter that saved their lives is only a heap of materials, shredded wood, gardening equipment smashed and spread out messy. It’s like if a mini tornado happened. Some golf staff run to them by foot or by car as the golf players of the nearby holes. Everyone is speechless while noticing the disaster and the luck of the four golfers who miraculously escaped from the devastation. Gwenn knows well that is not due to pure luck, she feels worried and alone because her extra worlds’ friends leaved again and she will have to handle it alone.

The game is over, the four golfers are taking back to the pro-shop and the restaurant prepares them a pick-me-up. The two friends of Gwenn are a bit shocked; but it’s Alex who is the more concern, he has difficult to realize that he is unharmed. Gwenn doesn’t stay and goes back to her car. This one controls itself without letting Gwenn doing anything. It drives on a small road and the speed increase dangerously. Suddenly Gwenn sees appear the small person that she had to fight in a kind of arena.

He looks at her with a menacing air and Gwenn understand that he is the one who controls the car which risks to crash below if she doesn’t intervene.