S2-e44 – Trapped?

Gwenn glimpses the eyes of the small goblin into the rear-view mirror.

His eyes are fixed and Gwenn feels attracted, she knows that she is about to lose the control. A little distraught, she doesn’t know how to break the spell. She draws on her last reserves to focus and draw away from the bewitching look. The effort is so much intense that beads of sweat come to her forehead. Gwenn feels little by little the vise which grips her releases her.

She can take back the control of her car just in time to avoid the fall to the cliff which overhang the ocean. The car has left the road and stopped just at the edge of the void.

Gwenn move forward to reach the road and let her car drives by itself to her home.

A shrill howl rings out, with a flash of dazzling light where Gwenn believes glimpse a huge goblin. A voice in her head tells her “You win again, they made you stronger, but I know a way to avenge myself by provoking a new duel. See you soon.” Gwenn feels worried and nervous, what the evil person hold her again?

Her phone warns her that she has a message. Yet, her phone is off! She looks at it and a laconic message appears. “Help” and a kind of video of her friend Yannick scrolls on the windshield of the small car…