3 – Wanted notice

Gwenn looked after the small dog with love, but she was perplexed. Where does he come from ? Maybe someone was looking for him. She made a small poster that she hang up in the main entrance of her building. After that, she send a mail to an old friend who study in order to be a veterinian and who make an intership not far form Gwenn’s home.


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2 – A strange noise

Gwenn didn’t hear anything, so she decided to go back in the apartment. But she heard a strident meow ; she walked back and she catched a brief glimpse of the the neighbor’s cat who run to the neighbor’s garden. She watched a part of the garden which were darker and darker with the nightfall. Prudence tell her to stay in the apartment, but as nothing happen, she decided to open the french door. She took one of her golf’s iron and went to the garden to the privet which separate the garden from the road.


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