S2-e38 – Optimization completed

Gwenn feels herself rolling. She doesn’t know if she passed out, but she finds herself into a strange world.

She feels very calmness, very relaxed like is she flies over the universe. She sees herself like a small blue shape who’s moving from a planet to another without any difficulty, but also without any apparent goal. Continue reading S2-e38 – Optimization completed

S2-e37 – Universe of the extra worlds?

Gwenn finds her back on her comfortable seat, but a bit too big in the middle of those strange planets. She has the feelings that they vibrate and at the same time their color change. Suddenly the seat initiates a vertiginous descent toward one of those planets.

Gwenn stays a few seconds vertically, she distinguishes a kind of huge blue desert with giant dunes. Continue reading S2-e37 – Universe of the extra worlds?

18 – An extraordinary garden

Gwenn is once again in her bed back to sleep by where she swears that next time she will try to communicate with her aliens. She thought having to be patient as on previous occasions, but in fact the next night, she found herself back on the big bed surrounded by light. She sits and waits for the appearance of the usual board.


Continue reading 18 – An extraordinary garden