S2-e45 – In danger at the extra worlds’

Gwenn feels herself take away to another world. She has the feelings of fast moving and of swaying.

After a moment, all her senses have come back. She finds herself in a very lighted room with a lot of screen, an impressive amount of machines, robots of all kinds which are busy to make uncomprehending tasks for Gwenn. She wears an uncomfortable hazmat suit and very badly fitted and she is on an easy chair too big. In front of her a shelf blocks all potential movements.

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S2-e31 – Retrospective for Yannick

The same huge person appears. The communication happens like usual into Gwenn’s head.

But she notices that Yannick receives images which summarize and his misfortunes: first meeting with Nano, his visits to the extra worlds, his rescues at the very last moment, and the attacks from other extra worlds.

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