S2-e16 – Unfair fight

Gwenn is terrorized, it’s the first time that she feels so isolated and so alone. What will she become? Suddendly the cave is lit, Gwenn has the feeling to be observed, but she doesn’t see anybody, only a vast space like an arena and invisible bleachers. Yet, she has the feeling that a show will start.


An odd flying machine heads toward her. It looks like a bird with a tiny body compare to his huge wings which move slowly. Gwenn is still unable to know if it’s a living being or an animated object. While moving closer, Gwenn notices that it’s the small being who forced her to follow him. “Do you like playing?” he asks her. Before Gwenn answers, he goes on, “we will confront one another”. ”If you win, your friend will be safe and you can go back to earth. If not…” With a gesture, he shows the ceiling where we can see on a screen Yannick on his hospital’s bed still unconscious who moans and grimaces. The goblin goes in center, leaves his mount and waves to Gwenn to join him. She tries to move, nothing hinders her. She moves forward, she isn’t weightless, she can walk, but her badly fitted hamzat suit annoys her. The small being leaps and strikes Gwenn on the face who was surprised by the attack and who couldn’t counter the hit. Gwenn tries to pull herself together, but she has only the time to evade the second attack.


It displeases her opponent who strikes her again. Gwenn knows that she couldn’t resist for a long time while…