S2-e47 -Toward new adventures

Gwenn wakes up sweating and terrorized. What happened to her friend Yannick? Even if it’s 2AM, she decides to call him.

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S2-e46 – Dangerous games

The small goblin places himself next to Gwenn. He sits on a big machine which has several keyboards and buttons of different colors.

He seems to control all the gear around him.

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The comic of season 1 is published

The comic of the season 1 is available on the site Amazon.com, in Kindle version, or on our site in version .pdf

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S2-e45 – In danger at the extra worlds’

Gwenn feels herself take away to another world. She has the feelings of fast moving and of swaying.

After a moment, all her senses have come back. She finds herself in a very lighted room with a lot of screen, an impressive amount of machines, robots of all kinds which are busy to make uncomprehending tasks for Gwenn. She wears an uncomfortable hazmat suit and very badly fitted and she is on an easy chair too big. In front of her a shelf blocks all potential movements.

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S2-e44 – Trapped?

Gwenn glimpses the eyes of the small goblin into the rear-view mirror.

His eyes are fixed and Gwenn feels attracted, she knows that she is about to lose the control. A little distraught, she doesn’t know how to break the spell. She draws on her last reserves to focus and draw away from the bewitching look.

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S2-e43 – Mortal danger

Within several hundred yards radius everything is tear off, the trees uprooted, the flowers are like grinded, the golf course is covered by all kinds of debris. The shelter that saved their lives is only a heap of materials, shredded wood, gardening equipment smashed and spread out messy. It’s like if a mini tornado happened.

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S2-e42 – Deluge on the golf course

The shelter is shaken in all directions and the roof risks every second to fly away or to fall down on Gwenn and her partners.

The fear can be read on the faces and Alex is particularly nervous.

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