Posts made in March, 2017

S2-e39 – Strange memories

Gwenn gently wakes up, it’s the weekend she will be able to relax.

She keeps from her last trip at the extra worlds’ some unclear memories. A drift behind planets with a sensation of complete liberty, but with also the fear of falling and disappearing alone in an unknown world.

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S2-e38 – Optimization completed

Gwenn feels herself rolling. She doesn’t know if she passed out, but she finds herself into a strange world.

She feels very calmness, very relaxed like is she flies over the universe. She sees herself like a small blue shape who’s moving from a planet to another without any difficulty, but also without any apparent goal.

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S2-e37 – Universe of the extra worlds?

Gwenn finds her back on her comfortable seat, but a bit too big in the middle of those strange planets. She has the feelings that they vibrate and at the same time their color change. Suddenly the seat initiates a vertiginous descent toward one of those planets.

Gwenn stays a few seconds vertically, she distinguishes a kind of huge blue desert with giant dunes.

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S2-e36 – Another super power?

Gwenn goes back in her flat without mishap. She feels tired, but does a quick walk of the neighborhood as usual with Nano.

She wants to run, she takes Nano in her arms and goes for a jog. A jogger, who already followed her, decides to approach her, and proposes to go with her.

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