Posts made in March, 2016

S2-e4 – Pleasant reunion

Gwenn is finding herself opposite Yannick who looks after her with concern. Indeed, Gwenn is motionless in the middle of the sidewalk, with no movement, under a pouring rain and under violent lightnings.


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s2-e3 – Reality or illusion ?

It was already dark when she leaves her office, a man walks in front of her. Pleased, Gwenn thinks to recognize her friend Yannick and walks faster to catch him.


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s2-e2 – Yannick’s return


Her bracelet starts again to produce some kinds of waves. She notices that her laptop is switched on while she’s not using it. Intrigued, she notices that Nano’s icon is activated while it didn’t work since the extraworlds departure. She hesitates and clicks on the icon.

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Season 2. 1 – All over again

For 6 months, Gwenn has no news from the extraworlds. She is reinforced in her leader position, and thanks to her, the firm has regained dynamism and they consider to hire a new person.


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