Posts made in January, 2016

46 – Imminent danger

Gwenn notices that the icon with the photo of Nano is still there, even if for the moment the folder appears empty. Her friends of extraworld have found a way to get in touch with her and they also seem to watch over her so no one can hurt her. If necessary, they will use this way to warn her. Gwenn will have to watch herself in order that nobody notices the extraordinary means which are now available to her. Gwenn resumes her work and several days pass without incident. Yet, without knowing the causes Gwenn feels oppressed, worried as if something serious is going to happen. When she comes home from work, she finds Nano particularly nervous, he avoids the caresses and appears on the alert. There is nothing abnormal and the evening goes through so smoothly. Gwenn goes to bed and soon she finds herself in a strange universe.


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45 – Duplication

Gwenn wants to reconnect, but only her usual programs are displayed. Gwenn frantically searches, but she finds nothing unusual. She’s about to give up when an unknown icon appears with the photo of Nano.


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44 – Power failure

Her assistant knocks on the door, he enters visibly nervous and says, “There is a power failure that paralyzed the entire sector, nobody can explain it. We are asked to leave the building until the cause will not be found.”


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43 – Computer problem

Her programs are not displayed. Computer appears locked, which upsets Gwenn who has a lot of work. Gwenn makes a last attempt before needing to contact a technician.


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42 – Strange sensations

Before fainting, Gwenn has just the time to see a blinding white light. This time it’s not in her bed that Gwenn wakes up. She is in a very large bright room, which prevents her from distinguishing what surrounds her.


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