Posts made in September, 2016

S2-e21 – Strange threat

The alarm-radio takes out Gwenn from her sleepiness, she slowly emerges, and Nano jumps in her arms.


She feels fit like each time she makes a trip to the extra-world home. Suddenly she stands still on the bed. Where is Yannick?

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S2-e20 – Yannick in distress

She finds herself somewhere in the universe; the show is amazing.


All around her, planets with strange colors which change from a dark shade to a dazzling brightness as if some suns light them intermittently.

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S2-e19 – Yannick is safe

Gwenn doesn’t know which explanation she can give. Her adventure with the extra world wouldn’t be believable.


Although everything gets back to normal and everyone goes back to its activity…

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